VIOTAC is an established commodity services
and trading company operating from Bangkok, Thailand



VIOTAC (Value Added Operations in Trading and Commission) was established in December 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. The company was formed through carefully evaluated strategies, global market analysis and services portfolio by a group of experienced individuals with varied background and cross-industry experience.

Given the current situation of restricted travel and limited physical presence of business operations across countries because of COVID 19 pandemic, businesses, services and products have to find out new ways and strategies to access markets and industries. There is always an opportunity even in the most difficult of times! The Internet and a number of online initiatives/applications started providing avenues for alternate platforms to do business as well as creating innovative business models, revenue models and profit models!

VIOTAC, being a core service provider, focuses predominantly on Facilitating, Consulting, Negotiating and Procuring services for a range of products/brands across a spectrum of industries and markets worldwide. In a way VIOTAC acts as the bridge between various business communities comprising a varied product platforms to ensure smooth and successful business transactions.

VIOTAC provides its services through a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who speak the language of industries and markets, who have the background to close deals, know the policy guidelines and business operating procedures in various countries, who provide strategies in entering new markets and establishing business new territories and who have fantastic business network to ensure smooth closure of deals


The expertise, experience and exposure the VIOTAC team of professionals have – they can handle any global industry…


Our Core Competence is Consulting, Facilitation, Sourcing and executing deals. Depending on the nature of business,…


VIOTAC deals with a number of products and services in the capacity of Facilitator, Distributor, Consultant and in some…


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